In life, we can buy just about anything. From bags to shoes, to, yes, you read that right: stars! Although it is not something tangible that you can carry around with you at all times, it’s something that you own that’s quite out of the box. For example, owning a star can be a great conversation opener, and not only this, but you might just be the only person in the room who can confidently say that you own something that is not on Earth.

Now, of course, you may have worries. For example, you may be wondering whether this costs an arm and a leg. After all, something as cool as a star is likely to cost tons, right? No, wrong! A star does not have to be expensive depending on what you choose to purchase. There are tons of options out there, and some of these are easy. What’s more? You can even give a star as a gift.

A star is a great way to show your love in a romantic way and in a manner that is completely out of this world (quite literally!). Keep reading to find out just how little it can cost you to own your star and to give one to someone you love. Of course, you don’t actually own the star. However, you still get to name a star after someone you love dearly, which is invaluable.

What Does It Cost?

A star will cost you anything from $34,90 to much more depending on where it is, how big it is, and the kind of package that comes with it. This will also depend on where you are in the world. For example, if you are located in the United Kingdom, you may have access to options that are as cheaper than a tenner. Otherwise, in the EU, you may also be able to name a star for around the same price. The price usually changes depending on the kind of package you opt for.

At Star-naming.com, we care about giving you stars that you can see, which is something not everybody can do! In fact, we care so much that we have made sure to focus our entire business on this. We want to ensure that every single customer is happy with their star and that they can have a look at the star that is named for them without having to go ahead and find a planetarium. So, we have decided to create different packages to fit your very needs.

Special Offer Star4u


First, you have the Silvernova option which gives you a star certificate, the registered entry, a star chart, a planetarium Web App, as well as a presentation folder. This is the very basic offer that we’ve created for those of you who feel like doing something different for the ones you love. What’s more? The star is visible from anywhere in the U.S.!

Then, you have a second package as well to choose from, which is the Supernova package. This is for stars that are very easy to locate. Unlike the Silvernova package, this second package gives you access to a greeting card as well, which makes your gift that much better.

Finally, the last option is the Duonova, which is where you can get two certificates. Not only this, but you also get rare and exclusive stars. This is our option made for couples specifically so you can have two stars with someone you care a lot about. Talk about the perfect Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift!


Our first package, the Silvernova, runs for $34.90, giving you an excellent and out-of-this-world gift for a small price. Then, to name a star that’s easy to locate and visible anywhere in the world, choose our Supernova package for $49.90. And finally, the Duonova, which is the perfect gift for any couple getting married or celebrating their anniversary, for example, is $89.90.

Want something even better for your gift’s recipient? You can get a star chart poster. But don’t wait! This offer is only valid for a limited time. Getting a star under your very own name is extremely easy at star-naming.com. Simply consider what your needs are, browse through our offers in more detail, and get ready to name your own star. You then also need to choose the date where you will start naming your star, and that’s it! Your gift package will be at your door sooner than you can imagine.


Have a look at all our options



Name a visible Star

  • Name a guaranteed visible star. Select the brightness of your star.
  • Your star will be registered in the International Space Registry.
  • You will be granted access to our online planetarium web app.



Star from a Constellation

  • Name a star from a constellation. Select the constellation and brightness of your star.
  • Easy to locate in the night sky.
  • Your star will be registered in the International Space Registry.
  • You will be granted access to our online planetarium web app.



Two orbiting Stars

  • Name two rare orbiting stars. Select the brightness of your stars.
  • Perfect way to celebrate a bond between two people.
  • Your star will be registered in the International Space Registry.
  • You will be granted access to our online planetarium web app.

How to name a Star with Star-Naming

Our Star-Naming process is very simple. It only takes a minute!

Buy a star gift package

Select your perfect Star Naming option

Select one of our 3 unique star naming options. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a the perfect one for you. If you need help with your order, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Hapiness Team!

Buy a star product options

Decide Name & Date of your Star and select your package

Decide the name of the star you want to name and the date of the star naming. Now is your time to shine; get creative with the name of your star. Name it after a person, an animal, whatever! Use your imagination, and let it run wild. Also choose the package you like. Either our BASIC Package (digital delivery of the essential documents) or our PLUS Package (full on star naming gift set).

Buy a Star Gift Package Box

Complete your order and look forward to your documents

Now it's time to look forward to your star naming! All of our orders are processed within one business day. Digital packages are with you within 24h and physical gift sets are shipped via UPS Express, which usually takes 1-3 business days. 

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