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The Aquarius Man

January 21st to February 19th

Aquarius - (Not) A Rock in the Surf?

Mr. Aquarius certainly is a lot of things, but certainly not a rock. He is too erratic, too spontaneous and too unstable for that. He has one flash of inspiration after another and changes his whereabouts more often than his boxer shorts. You could say with certainty that the Aquarius man is a creative genius who flourishes under the right conditions. 

One of them would be independence, which he has to maintain at all costs. Nothing is more important to him than his freedom. He wants to go through life self-determined, and if someone were to try to take this away from him, he would feel too constrained and would quickly run off. 

Attention! Top secret.

Therefore, he does not like to enter into deep friendships or partnerships. Instead, he has many casual acquaintances that he is in regular contact with. Despite his emotionally distant nature, they are important to him. He does not reveal his true self to anyone. He keeps it strictly secret, even from himself. 

The Aquarius man is enthusiastic and therefore constantly is on the road. Sometimes, he is drawn here, other times there. Only to find out afterwards that he might like it better somewhere else. 

He Wants to Overcome Differences

From the serene personality of the air sign emerges a very tolerant and understanding nature. He has an open ear for everyone and cares a lot about the well-being of his fellow human beings. He wants to overcome differences. 

If you take a look at his circle of friends when you have the chance, you will soon realize that he succeeds very well in this. Among his friends you can find the most bizarre people. Whether a concert pianist, a 70s hippie, or a respected politician, all have the Aquarius as their node.

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His Partner Has To Bring a Lot of Patience

With the same conviction, the charming bachelor approaches a relationship. In a connection, he pays a lot of attention to the fact that it is led equally and self-determined. His partner must not be jealous. Trust is necessary to be happy with an Aquarius man in the long term. 

His loved one should be patient and at least as tolerant as he is. She'd best not make a scene for him when he's flirting with someone else once again. Moreover, she should grant him his freedom, but, at the same time, be determined enough to make him understand that closeness is essential for a relationship, as challenging as that may sound. These are exactly his expectations when it comes to the right partner – if she exist for him at all. At the very least, he tends to only be ready for a serious commitment in his more mature years. Before that, he is too busy marveling at the pyramids of Giza.


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