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The Aries Man

March 21st to April 20th

The Aries Man, a Real Man

Aries men often turn out to be “real men”. They are spirited, passionate and impetuous. Standing still is a no-go for them, they always want to experience new things. They see the world as one large playground. In everything they do, they proceed with great willpower. There are no half measures with them. In doing so, they spare no risk. 

Of course, they sometimes step into a sandtrap, but they do not miss favorable opportunities. Even if a perceived bad decision causes trouble, they don't let it get them down. They continue on their way ironclad and fight their way out of even the biggest mess. 

They Have a Large Circle of Friends

Due to their open mind, they have a large circle of friends. They meet most of their acquaintances during their numerous hobbies, which are rarely in the realm of the safe and cozy. In their leisure activities, the zodiac sign Aries always needs thrill. Whether as a policeman or in the army, driving motocross or parachuting, the main thing is to keep the adrenaline level high. 

Aries-born people are often idealistic and energetic. But unfortunately, they also often are too impetuous and impatient. If they're not successful, they're willing to throw the towel and turn to new adventures. 

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A Man You Can Rely On

His big ego doesn't just hold the sunny side for him, his rebelliousness often leads to great hubris. As a result, he is often subject to his own misdiagnoses, but apart from that, the Aries man is honest and direct. A person you can generally rely on.

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