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The ascendant Cancer

Table of contents

  • Appearance of the Ascendant Cancer
  • Character of the Ascendant Cancer
  • Job and Career of the Ascendant Cancer
  • The Ascendant Cancer in Love
  • Learning Task of the Ascendant Cancer
  • Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Cancer

Appearance of the Ascendant Cancer

Those born in the Ascendant Cancer possess a delicate appearance that goes well with their inner self. Petite and with a fair skin, they fascinate people with their deep eyes. If we look into the eyes of those born in the Ascendant Cancer, we can see the depth of soul they possess.

Their image is rounded off by their soft facial contours. Their mouth is full and sensual. The Cancer radiates a warmth that is unparalleled. Those around them immediately feel at home with them. Their nature perfectly fits with their appearance.

Character of the Ascendant Cancer

The Ascendant Cancer is sensitive and generally a person with a feminine disposition. Even men possess a distinct feminine side. They emphasize their feelings and captivate with their sensitive nature.

They approach people in a helpful manner, and since they can be relied on, they are well received in their environment. On the other hand, they are sensitive beyond measure. They handle criticism poorly. When people reject them, they quickly retreat into their shell – that's where they feels most at home.

In life, the Ascendant Cancer desires security. When they don't feel secure, they react very moodily and lapse into negativity through their constant brooding. It is not uncommon for the Cancer to be strong pessimists. Instead of focusing on the positive aspects of being, they turn to the negative. Although they have no reason to, they anxiously look towards their future.

Strengths of the Ascendant Cancer

  • Empathic
  • Caring
  • Warm-hearted
  • Deep soul
  • Reliable

Weaknesses of the Ascendant Cancer

  • Unstable
  • Overprotective
  • Reserved 
  • Moody
  • Pessimistic

Job and Career of the Ascendant Cancer

In professional life, the Ascendant Cancer is in search of harmony. They brings their qualities to the table with profit, provided that there is a pleasant atmosphere in their job. If it is missing, the Cancer does not flourish.

They are increasingly drawn to social professions. Through their emotional intelligence, they provide justice and harmony. Advantageous for them is that they can put themselves in the mind of a wide variety of people. Instinctively, the Ascendant knows what their counterpart is missing. Whether it's a shoulder to lean on or an open ear, they willingly help out. 

Hosting people fills their heart with joy – the Ascendant Cancer is a born host. With hearty cuisine and their warm-hearted nature, they cater to hungry people. They not only ensure a full stomach, but in addition that their guests feel at home.

The Ascendant Cancer in Love

The Ascendant Cancer is a romantic that’s constantly looking for the great love. Their main focus is that they merge together with their partner. If this does not satisfy their longing for security, the Cancer quickly withdraws with disappointment.

In a relationship, the Ascendant impresses with their loyalty and faithfulness. If their life partner shares these qualities, Cancers are passionate and devoted.

If they feel secure, the Ascendant Cancer flourishes. They devotedly sacrifice themselves for their partners. Caressing hours are not neglected in the process. In return, they need a steadfast partner who knows how to deal with the whims of the Ascendant Cancer. In a relationship, the water sign is plagued by fear of loss and insecurity.

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Learning Task of the Ascendant Cancer

The Ascendant influences the appearance and character of a person. Moreover, it points out areas of life which our learning tasks lie in.

Nothing gives the Ascendant Cancer greater pleasure than helping others. In some cases, their helpfulness goes too far, which results in them neglecting their needs. In the long run, they come up short and swallow emerging frustration. Dissatisfaction builds up and hits their mind.

The learning task for them is to think about their needs more. Their wishes are just as significant as those of others. A healthy dose of egoism suits them well in this case.

Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Cancer

Cancer Ascendant Cancer

The double water sign or double Cancer is sensitive and delicate. The Ascendant Cancer is a warm-hearted and helpful person that occasionally overdoes it with their desire for harmony.

Aries Ascendant Cancer

Impulsive and self-confident, Aries Ascendant Cancer goes through life. Because of the energies that prevail within them, they get caught up in inner conflicts. To the outside world, they presents themselves as hard and emotionally distant in order to protect their emotional life. 

Sagittarius Ascendant Cancer

The Sagittarius is a friend that has an open ear for everyone. Because they are psychologically gifted, they help their friends through hard times. They possess an interest in a wide variety of subjects.

Leo Ascendant Cancer

The things that trouble the Leo Ascendant Cancer are their impatience and sensitive nature. They handle criticism badly and nibble on it for a while.

Virgo Ascendant Cancer

The Virgo shows a strong rootedness to its home. They love to entertain their loved ones. Their friends appreciate their sincere and warm-hearted nature, and they like to spend time with them because they are open to any problem.

Capricorn Ascendant Cancer

The combination of Capricorn and Cancer is particularly fertile. The Ascendant loves to watch its seed grow. They works hard for their goals, and because they bring dedication and discipline, they are more successful than average.

Taurus Ascendant Cancer

The Taurus Ascendant Cancer is an aficionado. These people are characterized by their enjoyment of good food. They like the role of a perfect host, and they enjoy inviting their loved ones to social evenings and spoil them with all sorts of culinary delights.

Aquarius Ascendant Cancer

They are solo entertainers who know how to score with their wealth of ideas and creativity. The Aquarius Ascendant Cancer infects their fellow men with their euphoria. At first glance, people regularly conclude that they are superficial, but here, appearances are deceptive. Behind their cheerful facade hides a sensitive and vulnerable person. The well-being of their family is particularly close to their heart.

Libra Ascendant Cancer

The Libra Ascendant Cancer tends to have mood swings. This is due to the energies that prevail in them. The domestic Cancer gets along badly with the adventurous Libra. Against all odds, Libra Ascendant Cancer is emotional and loving.

Gemini Ascendant Cancer

Gemini Ascendant Cancer is an excellent listener and mediator of disputes. People feel understood and accepted by them. Due to their erratic nature, they don’t have a clear opinion. They make decisions based on their gut, only to revise them afterwards. If they find their balance, these people subsequently live happier lives.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer

Reasonable considerations play a minor role in the life of the Pisces Ascendant Cancer. They rely unconditionally on their intuition. They decide exclusively based on their gut feeling. On the one hand, this makes them spiritual, but on the other hand, they lose themselves in their daydreams.

Scorpio Ascendant Cancer

The dual water sign Scorpio Ascendant Cancer is dominant, determined and idealistic. They don't let anything get in the way of their routine And take their chosen path to the bitter end. The water sign acts principally and does not let itself down.

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