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Zodiac Sign Cancer and Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Cancer & Scorpio - A Promise of Continuity

The two water signs clearly have more in common than what separates them. Here, the element of the two comes out very strongly. They are not looking for a short liaison, but for a permanent partner, and thus, the dominant Scorpio impresses the Cancer with their assertiveness. 

For the Cancer, the Scorpio is a promise of an ongoing relationship in which they can let go. Because the emotional Cancer wants support and in a relationship. Only then they really blossom and convince the Scorpio with the deep feelings they can feel. 

Even Their Neighbors Will Hear Their Screaming

So it is not surprising that the relationship between them is very much determined by their emotions. They experience these as intense and extremely enriching. The Scorpio, who tends to extremes, should be a little more considerate. Here, their pronounced control compulsion shines through. 

But even those born with the zodiac sign Cancer are not children of innocence, they tend to be very jealous, so major fights between them can occur. Doors are slammed shut and even the neighbors will hear their screaming. But the relationship is varied and there rarely ever is any boredom. As long as they maintain open communication, they will always reconcile and faithfully stand by each other. 

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The Cancer Man and the Scorpio Woman

On the Same Wavelength Emotionally

The relationship between the sensitive Cancer man and the passionate Scorpio woman is very promising, even though they have very different approaches, when it comes to the various challenges of life, for example. 

In terms of life goals and emotions, they share a lot. They constantly strive for security for their lives. The Scorpio woman is more persistent and determined, while the Cancer man likes to rely on his partner. 

She Sorts Out the Mess

There will be no problems in love – here, they fulfill all their desires. The Cancer man reads the Scorpio woman's every wish from her lips and is not stingy with attention. He prefers to provide romantic nights and the Scorpio woman enjoys this kind of care. She is all too happy to get pampered by her partner and. will thank him with just as much passion. Fiery in temperament, she knows how to emotionally bind a man to her. She is the one who sorts out the mess. 

Dominant and self-confident, she goes through life and has no difficulty when her significant other is a bit softer. This pair magnificently harmonizes. Of course, it's not to say that disagreements will never happen, but nobody wants it either.

The Cancer Woman and the Scorpio Man

They Understand Each Other Blindly

They are loyal, affectionate, emotional and always put their heart into their work. May we introduce: the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man – a team that understands each other without words. They know exactly what their partner expects from life, and this already starts in the hot getting-to-know-you phase, in which the Scorpio man pulls out all the stops and intensively courts the beautiful Cancer woman. 

Their Fire of Love Burns Forever

With so much attention, the Cancer woman can't help but fall in love with him. Nevertheless, she will keep him in suspense for a long time. She wants to see if he's serious about her or just trying to lure her into bed. Once the issues in this regard are resolved, they will have to think about having their own family with a house and children.

The good thing is that they can also give each other a piece of their mind in all their togetherness. The Scorpio man will trigger a development in the reserved Cancer woman in which he challenges her again and again. They are not in danger of drifting apart but always cherish lively exchanges and spend a lot of time together. Through their blind trust with the necessary spice of excitement, the fire of love can burn forever.

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