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The Zodiac Signs Capricorn and Capricorn 

Capricorn & Capricorn - Eternal Love?

The Capricorn couple has a few hurdles to overcome before true love works out. It is true that the same zodiac signs usually harmonize well with each other, but fundamental similarities can also lead to the negative, especially when you are mirrored by your partner. This is very true for the Capricorn woman and the Capricorn man.

They share the same interests and attach great importance to striving for safety, security and continuity, but they also have the same weaknesses. Too much similarity usually leads to no development. 

An Auspicious Fact

There is one particularly auspicious fact in favor of a relationship. Neither the Capricorn man nor the Capricorn woman are too shy to invest effort, time and work in their partnership. They will work hard on themselves to become a good team. 

They need to work on their communication and their inclination to routine and their love of traditions must not lead to monotony. Their love life needs to get new incentives, but unfortunately, they are not known for being experts in terms of love. They save on tenderness in the wrong spots, but at least one of them has to be able to provide romance.

Steinbock und Steinbock Partnerschaft

Who Has the Sovereignty of Interpretation?

To make matters worse, they are exceedingly strong workhorses. Their own careers are often unintentionally placed above the family, even though their family is sacred to them. If no one pays attention, they will find that they have grown apart over the years. 

An equitable distribution of tasks can be the solution. Everyone knows who is in charge in which areas. On the one hand, this has the advantage that they do not get in each other's way when it comes to the sovereignty of interpretation, but on the other hand, there is enough time to arrange tender hours or a romantic candlelight dinner – it will only do their love good.


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