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The Zodiac Sign Capricorn in Profession and Career

December 22nd to January 20th

The Capricorn - Long-Term Planning is Child's Play for Them

The zodiac sign Capricorn approaches the challenges of life sober, level-headedly and seriously, especially in the professional world. It is not uncommon for Capricorn-born people to make great careers and achieve the goals they set for themselves. This is mainly due to their long-term planning and iron discipline, but the ability to stay determined on rainy days also ensures that the Capricorn makes it to the top. 

Their goal is not to seek the highest position in order to gain prestige and power, but to be able to serve the common good. They not only want to provide a secure existence for their family, but it is not uncommon for Capricorn-born people to hold political offices or work in the public sector. 

They Like to take Responsibility

They are very happy to take the lead, simply because they very much like to bear responsibility. The profession of a police officer is attractive to Capricorn-born people, because here, they can ensure law and order. 

The profession of a doctor is an extremely exciting one for them as well. Here, they not only take responsibility, but helps people who are not able to do so themselves. At the same time, they hardly feel any pressure, not even when it's a matter of life or death. 

As Experienced as a Capricorn

No one is as routined and prepared as the zodiac sign Capricorn, which makes them very self-confident and popular with their colleagues. They don't peddle their successes but rather enjoy success in silence. They are all about devoting themselves to a long-term project and enjoy passing on their accumulated knowledge to the next generation. In doing so, they proves to have a very skilled hand, mainly thanks to their natural authority and their fabulous patience. However, especially when dealing with children and young people, they should be aware that life may not be a pony farm, but it is also not all blood, sweat and tears.

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We Have Created a List of Famous Personalities with the Zodiac Sign Capricorn:

  • Anette von Droste-Hülshoff (German writer and composer)
  • Michelle Obama (Former First Lady of the United States of America)
  • Greta Thunberg (Swedish climate protection activist)
  • Bradley Cooper (American actor)
  • Janis Joplin (American singer)
  • Muhammed Ali (American boxer)
  • Michael Schumacher (German F1 driver)
  • Elvis Presley (American singer)
  • Martin Luther King (American civil rights activist)
  • Isaac Newton (English physicist)


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