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The Leo Woman

July 23rd to August 23rd

A Power Woman

She is confident, open-hearted and charming. She loves luxury beyond measure and attaches great importance to the fact that a potential lover can offer her a certain standard of living. Nevertheless, she is not too shy to get her hands dirty. 

Loyal and faithful, she gives everything for her loved ones. Especially for her family, she is a real mother lion, who protects and cares for her cubs. Whether it's making sandwiches, driving them from one appointment to another, going shopping in the meantime, having a full-time job, picking them up again, cooking, checking homework, and not letting her partner miss out with all the stress, the Leo woman is a powerhouse. She balances family, career and love with ease.

She Attracts All Eyes

She likes to outshine other people. She seeks her salvation in self-realization. She has a love of travel and activity. A cozy evening in front of the TV and the nightly opera ball alternately shake hands. 

In her everyday life, variety is very important for the Leo woman. She loves the big, wide world and is all too happy to flaunt herself in it. When all eyes are on her and she can put a smile on everyone's face with her charm and wit, her heart opens up. 

In doing so, she skillfully puts herself in the limelight and is well aware of her effect, as she is always surrounded by an aura of glitz and glamour. She joins in in every conversation and impresses with her broad general knowledge. But a cozy evening in her own four walls, preferably in front of the fireplace with a glass of expensive red wine, is common for her as well. Then, she pampers herself and shuts down to recharge her power reserves.

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The Leo Woman – A Style Icon

The list of exceptional Leo women is endless. Whether Madonna, Halle Berry or Whitney Houston, they all impress with their special appearance. They are role models for many people from different generations. They are the ones who set trends and not only move with the times, but are usually miles ahead of them. 

Classic, natural or extravagant, the Leo woman can take on a wide variety of faces. Living art, expressing it with every fiber, is easy for the stage talent. She is confident enough to effortlessly change her “I” without giving herself away. She creatively approaches the most diverse projects and combines almost impossible things with each other. For that, she is as admired as she is hated. A real style icon.

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