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The Libra Woman

September 24th to October 23rd

The Libra Woman - Stylish and Confident

The Libra woman has a stylish and fashion-conscious appearance. When she enters a room, she skillfully attracts all looks. She sparkles with charm and elegance, and people are captivated by her. Accompanied by a matching perfume, well-fitting jewelry, selected clothing and a knack for luxury, this woman is a real phenomenon. 

Smart and with a playful smile on her lips, she knows how to lead people to compromise. She likes to see justice done. In her presence, you feel comfortable and appreciated. With her, no one comes up short. Thus, she makes an excellent mediator in bringing two or more fighting parties together. 

Her Eye for Beauty is Unparalleled

She likes to take the role of a mediator due to her need for harmony. However, she herself is very ambivalent about her decisions. This way, she circumvents her weakness in making decisions and focuses on her strengths.

She doesn't appreciate it when someone puts too much pressure on her. Supervisors will always be satisfied with her work, which she can deliver in a wide variety of professions. Her eye for beauty and her attention to detail are unparalleled and the speed of her work often suffers as a result. Libra women therefore like to be independent in their profession, which often leads them to work as freelancers. 

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Inspiring and Inspired at the Same Time

Due to the fact that she does not like to make decisions, the Libra woman usually has many affairs. She can count past long-lasting relationships on one hand. In a relationship, she will always find that her partner does not meet her demands, and sometimes he can't do that at all. Even if he appears polite and elegant, there can always be a flaw. Because of her fondness for the art world, she therefore often is with artists or actors, serving as their muse. She is an inspiration, but she is just as happy to be inspired.


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