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The Sagittarius Woman

November 23rd to December 21st 

She Always Sees the Good Sides of Life

The bright Sagittarius woman always sees the good sides of life. She is a woman who enjoys them to the fullest and certainly doesn't need a man by her side for that. She loves love, but due to her charming nature, misunderstandings regularly occur. Men too often try to chain her up, but the freedom-loving Sagittarius woman loves nothing more than her self-determination. 

To make her point, the spirited Sagittarius woman becomes very impetuous. Her very direct manner helps her in this. Instead of sucking up frustration, she doesn't hide her feelings for long. She confronts those around her with her opinion. Through the many adventures she has had over the years, she has a keen understanding of the human nature. She tolerates other opinions and is always friendly and respectful.

Sagittarius woman

The Man at Her Side Has To Be Confident

As agile and intelligent as the Sagittarius woman is, she loves the challenges of life. Savoring them is her greatest asset, whether it's sports activities, a visit to the theater or an unusual trip, the main thing is that the experience has to be new. 

If a partner at her side is not ready for this, she quickly chases him off. She definitely is some things, but under no circumstances a couch potato. Profound conversations are also important to her, and people who don't challenge them intellectually are not exciting. As long as you are confident and independent, you have a wonderful companion in the Sagittarius woman, in whatever kind of relationship.

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