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Zodiac Sign Scorpio and Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Scorpio & Aquarius - A Love With a Happy Ending?

In the initial phase, the Scorpio and the Aquarius experience an intense and exciting time together. The fascination and excitement are the greatest here. They mainly find each other through their communication: both the Scorpio and the Aquarius love intellectual topics. With their analytical minds, they talk about all and sundry for hours.

Between them, things are light and carefree. They love playing with language and are true artists, especially when it comes to flirting. Emotionally deep as the Scorpio is, they will cause an incredible fascination in Aquarius. From this point on, the air sign does everything to seduce the Scorpio. 

Their Differences Become Irreconcilable

Once the relationship has been established, the difficulties between them begin. The more time passes, the more they realize how different they are. Scorpio is obliging and faithful; their feelings are intense. The Aquarius is non-committal, erratic, and only maintains a superficial relationship with their feelings. Great misunderstandings cast dark shadows on the relationship between them. 

Even the most skillful communication does not bridge these differences. Because of the great gap that is created, the Scorpio will not be able to trust the Aquarius. The Aquarius in turn will see no reason to maintain the relationship. Platonic relationships or long-distance relationships can certainly work. In most cases, however, it is rarely sufficient for the great love.

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The Scorpio Man and the Aquarius Woman

Their List of Differences Is Long

The Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman have the best chances of love in the phase of getting to know each other. At this time, their different minds are particularly attracted to each other. However, they do not have much time. In the long term, their opposites do not combine well but rather mean elimination in the first round. 

The list of their differences is long. It begins with the fact that they discuss well with each other, but rarely come to an agreement. No one wants to compromise. The Scorpio man does not, as he is very proud and opinionated, and the Aquarius woman because she sees a compromise as a cut in her freedom. 

A Disappointing Ending?

The initial fascination of the Aquarius woman changes into an oppressive feeling of suffocation over time. The easy-going Aquarius woman then withdraws more and more. The jealous Scorpio man will vehemently try keeping her by his side. This is where the dilemma begins  

that results in an unstoppable vicious circle. The more the Aquarius woman loosens up to follow her interests exclusively, the more engaging the Scorpio man becomes. The whole thing spirals higher and higher until the relationship drops to a disappointing end. 

A relationship between the passionate Scorpio man and the charming Aquarius woman requires a lot of work. Only if the start was optimal, they will be ready for it. If they have agreed on firm rules at an early stage, there is a chance of finding true love. 

The Scorpio Woman and the Aquarius Man

Like a Magnet

The challenge of attracting the fast-moving and unattached Aquarius man is the biggest incentive for the Scorpio woman. Initially, they attract each other like magnets, but later, they violently repel each other. Mostly, this is due to their different philosophies of life: while the Scorpio woman is very committed, the Aquarius man is much more non-committal and distant in dealing with deep feelings. 

Will a Crush Turn Into the Great Love?

This leads to misunderstandings and disagreements. Suddenly, the otherwise analytically thinking zodiac signs become very mindless. They fall into mutual recriminations and the Scorpio woman cannot understand that the Aquarius man spends time alone. She believes that she is everything that the Aquarius man needs, sacrifices herself for her partner and supports him unconditionally. This commitment takes the air away from the Aquarius man. He appreciates the intensity of the Scorpio woman, however, he needs many different social contacts. The flighty Aquarius man strongly identifies with his surroundings and because of their different perspectives on life, there is very little trust. As a result, the initial crush unfortunately does not turn into deep love. 


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