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The Zodiac Sign Scorpio in Profession and Career

October 24th to November 22nd

Not One Who Shuffles Out of Responsibility

The zodiac sign Scorpio is an intense and meticulous worker that prefers to work autonomously. They do not like to receive instructions on how to work. This predestines them to go into self-employment, where they can give free rein to their thirst for action. They do not need to fear that their plans will fail. They meticulously plan everything down to the last detail. 

Should it ever be the case, the zodiac sign Scorpio proves an incredible resilience. Immediately, the Scorpio goes into deep analysis. They will not rest until they have fixed the situation. The Scorpio is not one to shuffle out of responsibility.

They delegate pending work to the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. They can do this so excellently because they know them very well. The Scorpio is a true connoisseur of people, who sees through them well and sets the scene skillfully. 

They Grow From the Most Difficult Tasks

However, they are anything but open to criticism – should anyone dare to question their decisions, they jump out of their skin. At this point, their big ego becomes visible. This develops from the fact that they penetrate into a matter deeper than anyone else. They turn around every stone and are not afraid to look at the darker side of an issue. Apart from that, they are good team players who work independently. 

Their tendency to work through conflicts, coupled with the high level of expertise they acquire, make them a very good therapist or medical practitioner. This is favored by the characteristic of being able to think very analytically. They solve conflicts that were considered unsolvable. They grow with their tasks, get to the bottom of things, and are wonderful at empathizing with others. The greater the challenge, the more persistent and disciplined they become. They really extend themselves and grow from the most difficult challenges. They are where they can prove what they are made of.

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We Have Created a List of Famous Personalities with the Zodiac Sign Scorpio:

  • Pablo Picasso (Spanish painter)
  • Bill Gates (American entrepreneur)
  • Julia Roberts (American actress)
  • David Guetta (French DJ)
  • Leonardo Di Cabrio (American actor)
  • Ana Ivanovic (Serbian Tennis Player)
  • Anne Hathaway (American actress)
  • Marie Curie (Polish physicist and chemist)
  • Katy Perry (American singer)
  • Vanessa-Mae (Singaporean violinist)

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