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The Taurus Woman

April 21st to May 21st

A Sensual Seductress

The sensual Taurus woman is a very self-confident, but not necessarily emancipated woman. She doesn't have to have a career, but flourishes when she has a faithful man by her side and can take care of the household and children. She loves her own home and only grows when she feels safe and secure. She has a classic understanding of her role and has no problem prioritizing her family. However, she is not out of time or even old-fashioned, but on the contrary, she is very modern and interested in the latest trends. At the same time, she remains natural and seductive, more by her erotic and sensual charisma than by her mere appearance. Curves suit the Taurus woman and look very pretty on her. 

A Woman to Steal Horses With

At the same time, she is always true to herself and stands by herself. She rarely loses her footing, but is exceptionally good at focusing on essentials. You can confidently call her robust and a buddy type that you can steal horses with. She loves and laughs with all her heart and is neither guileful nor bent on deception. She spends very pleasurable times with her dream man, in is always hearty and to the point. She supports her partner wherever she can and strengthens his back so that he can focus on the challenges of life. She spoils him with all kinds of culinary treats, but love and sex are very important to the charming Taurus woman as well. She just knows what she wants and is not afraid to express it. In doing so, she fully commits to her partner and does not have to worry that he will take advantage of her or betray her, because the patient Taurus woman takes a lot of time to choose a suitable partner so that she can thoroughly test him beforehand. It is very rare for her to get surprised; she knows who is in front of her and where she stands.

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The Taurus Woman and the Art of Letting Go

In addition, she loves everything that has to do with fashion, cosmetics and food, because her own children will not stay at home forever, but will eventually leave their nest and lead their own, self-determined life. That's why it is even more important that she doesn't abandon the role of her own motherhood altogether, but that she reinterprets it. Especially for Taurus women, it is very difficult to let go, so you can imagine how strong her connection to her own children is. The man is also often at work, especially if he also is an earth sign. Therefore, it is essential that the self-confident Taurus woman is always aware of her own strengths and clearly distinguishes herself in her role as a mother. Then, she finds fulfillment not only in her family, but also in an activity outside her own home. She then is a top chef, runs her own business or works as a civil servant. She certainly has what it takes.

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