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Zodiac Sign Virgo and Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Virgo & Aquarius - Rarely Any Good

When an air sign (Aquarius) meets an earth sign (Virgo), rarely any good results. Unfortunately, this also is the case with these two. The list of reasons that speaks against a connection of these zodiac signs is long. They do have one thing in common, however: both are exceptionally commitment-shy. 

They meet each other by chance, and if they fall in love with each other against their expectations, they better have a long-distance relationship. In this, they have enough free space and time for themselves. There is then no danger of them becoming dependent on each other.

Frustration Only is a Formality

If they sit on top of each other, frustration is just a formality. Due to a lack of emotion, intimacy does not develop and their relationship is rather platonic. You will look for foundations for a solid relationship in vain. The Aquarius perceives the Virgo as too conservative and boring. She does not tease him.

The Aquarius is always on the move to explore new horizons, which does not correspond to the order-loving nature of the Virgo. She perceives the Aquarius as too erratic. In the short or long term, the likelihood of a harmonious and happy relationship simply is not there. But the clever zodiac signs will be able to recognize this relatively early on, even without outside help. 

Virgo and Aquarius partners

The Virgo Man and the Aquarius Woman

Where Will They Cross Paths?

The man of the earth sign Virgo and the woman of the air sign Aquarius do not have much in common. They have very different interests and views on life and basically gain different life experiences. This makes getting to know each other even more difficult. The legitimate question arises as to where they will cross paths. 

The Virgo man has a very narrow and small circle of friends. He feels very much at home in it and likes to skip big parties and events. Meanwhile, the Aquarius woman never misses an opportunity to live out her desire for freedom.

Rather as Friends

Due to this fact, it is difficult to establish a basis of trust. For him in particular, this is of the utmost importance. Their love will not just grow out of nothing, on the contrary, they rather call out their bad sides in a relationship. Their strengths are neglected by them and both show their ugly side. Suddenly, they are selfish, jealous and unfaithful. To get around this, they should not rush. They are better off remaining friends instead of attempting a love affair.

The Virgo Woman and the Aquarius Man

Freedom means something different for both

Routine, diligence, order, punctuality and consistency. All the qualities that the Virgo woman values inhibit the Aquarius man. They make sure that he leaves very quickly as they have a different definition of independence and freedom. 

While for the Virgo woman, independence only comes through discipline and order, the Aquarius man feels restricted by these words. He lives his freedom and is constantly on the lookout for the next experience. As different as they are in their conception of freedom, they also are opposites in a relationship. 

Can They Grow Old Together?

The Virgo woman will rarely let it get that far as the behavior of the Aquarius man scares her off. He is too volatile for her and not a person whom she can imagine a future together with. 

Neither does the Virgo woman promise the Aquarius man a sensual journey, he sees her as a bourgeois who doesn't appreciate the fun of life. She labels him as immature and irresponsible. In this respect, quite a lot has to come together for them to not only enter into a love relationship, but to also grow old together.


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