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The Virgo Woman

August 24th to September 23rd

The Virgo Woman - She Can Not Be Drawn Out

The sophisticated Virgo woman is a very considerate and tolerant person. She is confident and true to herself. She always has a distant aura about her. Among others, this is why she has few good friends, but to those that she has, she is faithful and reliable. Her friends appreciate her as a good advisor who has an open ear for everyone. She does not condemn anyone and is not very emotional. You very rarely see her fly off the handle. On the contrary, she always maintains the upper hand in a discussion. With her emphatically nonchalant manner, she is not to be drawn out, which can make some people despair. 

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She Will Not Be Dazzled

She draws most of her self-confidence from her clear mind. She weighs all sides of an issue against each other once, twice, or even three times before committing to something. Likewise in a partnership, she is extremely critical not just to herself. 

Initially, she is suspicious of strangers, because she doesn't want to be dazzled. Thus, she wards off admirers who are not serious about her. As a result, she more often comes to enjoy a partner who wants her as his girlfriend out of deepest affection.

Even if that should never be the case, the Virgo woman remains consistent and can also happily live alone. She would rather have no relationship than a bad one that exists for the sole reason of not having to be alone. Then, she finds fulfillment in her job or her numerous other interests. She finds her footing in thinking. 


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