Special Wedding Gift Ideas 

A wedding is one of the most special events that two people can have in their entire lives. The occasion calls for a meaningful gift. 

But there are so many different options for wedding gifts these days! Of course, it’s always appropriate to get something off their registry, but you may want your present to be extra special, a pleasant surprise that they won’t receive from anyone else. 

If you know a couple who is getting married, the following list of 6 unique wedding gift ideas will help you wish them well.

1. Name Stars After The Happy Couple

What is more special and meaningful than naming stars after the happy couple at Star Naming?

Naming two stars (or one star with both their names) after your close friends or family members who are getting married is a wonderful wedding gift idea. Not only does it show the depth of your thoughtfulness and love, but it is also timeless. Unlike a typical wedding gift, like a fancy dish or towels, the stars will never tarnish, break, unravel, or waste away.

To make sure that the two stars are forever named after the soon-to-be-married pair, you can purchase a star package from Star Naming. The names you choose will be recorded forever in the International Space Registry, of which Star Naming is an official partner.

At Star Naming, we only name stars that are visible to the naked eye in the night sky. This makes your wedding gift even more precious because your couple will be able to go outside and see it every clear night. Those stars will be in the heavens for as long as those two people are alive and beyond, so that the memory of them will endure for millions of years.

2. An Anniversary Journal

A wedding ceremony is only the beginning of a marriage. A good, long-lasting marriage has many years of anniversaries to look forward to which are just as special and significant as the day the couple exchanged their wedding vows. 

To help remind your couple of all the wonderful memories they’re going to make in their new future together, gift them with an anniversary journal. In it, they can record their proposal and wedding dates, fill in the details of their lives for each anniversary that passes, and reflect on how their lives have changed and been enriched by their union. 

Journal and pen

3. Picture Frames

Another beautiful gift you can give to a newly married couple is picture frames. These are must-have home decor items, as they display a family’s happiest core memories. Your couple can use them to display photos from their wedding, family gatherings, engagement photoshoots, and even their pets.

Picture frames also make the perfect accompaniment for your Star Naming gift! In them, the couple can show off the official certificates that certify their names on stars in the International Space Registry. 

4. Personalized Cake Serving Set

A cake serving set is a classic wedding gift, but we recommend putting your own twist on it by getting it personalized.

A personalized cake serving set like this one can be customized with the couple’s first and last names or their initials, the date of their wedding, and an inscription that says who it’s from. This way, they’ll never forget your love and thoughtfulness.  


Name a star after the wedding couple, registered in the International Space Registry.
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5. A Wine Subscription 

For the newly married couple who enjoy toasting their love at special occasions (or any occasion), a wine subscription is just the ticket. 

Winc, Wine of the Month Club, and Bright Cellars are just a small sampling of the dozens of wine subscriptions and clubs that send bottles of wine to your doorstep. Most of them offer gift cards or gift subscriptions, making it easy for you to find the one you like and sign your couple up for one, two, or three months of wine on you!

6. Tickets To A Special Event Or Resort

After the fun and stress of a wedding, there’s nothing more relaxing than a lovely getaway. If you want to make their honeymoon or another future trip more meaningful and exciting, you can purchase tickets for them to go to a special event or a resort. 

This is an especially thoughtful gift because most events and relaxing destinations - like broadway shows, concerts, cruises, or spas - are an extra expense that people who are newly married can’t afford, particularly if they spent a lot of money on their wedding. Gifting them with tickets is a way for you to make it happen! 

If you’re unsure what event or resort your couple would enjoy the most, consider asking their closest friends or family members. You may also want to purchase tickets that are redeemable at any time of the year, so that the couple can choose when to use them. 

7. A Hotel Gift Card

In case you’re stumped on event or resort ideas, another fantastic wedding gift idea is a hotel gift card. A gift card to a website like Hotels.com, AirBnB, or to a chain of hotels like Hilton, may allow your couple to extend their honeymoon for even more relaxation and detox from the chaos of wedding planning. 

A hotel gift card may also enable the couple to take another trip later in the year - because we all need more than one vacation, especially when we just got married! 


We all wish wedded bliss and a bright future upon our newly married friends or family members. A unique wedding gift sends that wish into the universe, for blessings until death they do part.

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