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Zodiac Sign Libra and Zodiac Sign Capricorn  

Capricorn & Libra - Do Opposites Always Attract?

It is very rare for the zodiac sign Libra and the zodiac sign Capricorn to find each other in love. The differences between them are too great. The Libra attaches great importance to common ground with her partner while the Capricorn approaches challenges with striving and great eagerness to work. In doing so, they are very pragmatic. The Libra, on the other hand, is extremely creative, but not very decisive. Thus, the indecisiveness of the Libra gets on the nerves of the Capricorn. As a rule, the Libra does not suspect how much grief it is causing the Capricorn, since it is not prone to great emotional outbursts. They keep a lot to themselves before they snap.

A Healthy Co-Existence

Healthy co-existence is an imaginable relationship model. In this they live together, but also increasingly leave each other alone, because another difference is their different ideas of activities in their free time. 

The Libra likes to experience new things. For example, in the fields of art and culture, they would like to live out their love for beauty. The Capricorn is very focused on their career. When they are not working at the moment, the like to retreat and continue tinkering with their plans for the future. Due to the completely different lifestyles, their whole relationship suffers. Togetherness, trust and mutual understanding come far too short, if they occur at all.

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The Libra Woman and the Capricorn Man

They Support Each Other

Although the Libra woman finds the direct nature of the Capricorn man very rude at first, this couple harmonizes more than it might seem at first glance. Once both have gotten to know each other better, the Libra woman will often get through to the soft core of the Capricorn man with her extremely charming and loving nature. 

His sometimes predictable approach makes him transparent to the connoisseur of human nature, so she often encourages him to come out of his shell more and let loose on certain points. In return, he offers her security and stability, and if he learns to be a little gentler with her, he'll be able to be incredibly supportive in her decision-making. 

They Stay Fair Even in the Biggest Fight

She may get on his nerves with her indecisiveness from time to time, but they both know how to resolve disputes sensibly. They do not approach events full of emotions, but try to look at things analytically. Then, they come up with good solutions more often. 

Although their tastes probably won't unite them, there is another thing they have in common: their high sense of justice. Nothing causes them more sleepless nights than when something has not been done fairly. Not everything will always go smoothly in this relationship, but the Libra woman and the Capricorn man will stay fair even in the biggest fight.

The Libra Man and the Capricorn Woman

They Effortlessly Move in Higher Circles

The Capricorn woman will be more than pleasantly surprised to meet the cultured and polite nature of the Libra man. With good manners and a partly elitist appearance, he certainly arouses their interest. Both are sophisticated and effortlessly move in higher circles.

Together, they can build up an impressive network that especially the business-minded Capricorn woman knows how to use for her interests. This benefits the Libra man and the Capricorn woman in many ways. After all, she is very keen to be financially and materially secure while the Libra man can continue to finance his penchant for beauty and luxury. 

The Spice that Helps to Achieve True Depth

The balanced and steady nature of the Capricorn woman makes her one of the few women who can help the Libra man achieve true balance and equilibrium. Even if it doesn't like it, the Libra man is very nervous at his core. That is why he is constantly striving to create harmony. 

The strength and calmness of the Capricorn woman exert a very healing and significant influence on him. Besides, they are not known for sentimentalism: the charming side of the Libra man will elicit a great declaration of love from the otherwise rather reserved Capricorn woman from time to time. A relationship between them might never be without friction, but isn't that the spice that helps them achieve true depth?


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