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Zodiac Sign Libra and Zodiac Sign Aries 

Aries & Libra - Impatient and Indecisive

The fiery disposition of the zodiac sign Aries does not suit the harmony-seeking Libra. In a partnership, they have to make many compromises. This should actually be easy for the Libra, but the Aries is tough with their stubbornness. They are known for getting their head through the wall before backing away from their position.

Action. Action. Action

Common interests are also scarce. It is true that both zodiac signs are venturing, but while the Aries is poled for action, the Libra is more enthusiastic about art and culture. Their relationship is accompanied by many tensions. If the Libra manages to guide their loved one to an agreement through diplomatic skills, a relationship could become promising. 

A relationship is more likely to hit fertile ground on a business level. There, they can better enrich each other and be more compliant with each other. Likewise, an affair is very popular because they act very passionately and sensually on the physical level. Erotic pillow play is usually the only glue that keeps them together. For a long-lasting partnership, unfortunately, the balance between the zodiac signs is missing.

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Libra Man and Aries Woman

The Ultimate Dream Couple?

This is not where the ultimate dream couple finds each other. The Libra man and the Aries woman are two very different zodiac signs with very different views on life. The Aries woman is not known for her angelic patience. She literally tears him apart when the Libra man once again can't make a decision. 

The Aries woman wants clarity in a relationship. However, the Libra man has difficulty getting involved in a serious partnership. On the other hand, his reticence towards her can really get the Aries woman going. In most cases, their relationship fails. 

Their Physical Attraction Can Lead to an Emotional Bond

In physical love, the Libra man and the Aries woman harmonize all the better. The fire of passion literally burns here. This couple rather finds emotional intimacy through this love.

Despite all the differences, they can still benefit from each other and enrich each other. In addition, the patience of the Libra man helps in dealing with the hot-blooded Aries woman. It is up to them to make the best of their feelings.

Libra Woman and Aries Man

His Manners Have To Be Impeccable

The graceful Libra woman is interesting for many men. But whether the hot-blooded Aries man has justified hopes to acquire her favor, may be at least doubted. When choosing a partner, the Libra woman makes sure that he maintains excellent manners and moves impeccably in public.

The Aries man is charming, but rather in a crude and direct way. Since the Libra woman also does not live according to the motto: “Opposites attract”, but looks for common ground, this is a criterion for exclusion.

You Should Look For a More Suitable Partner

He, in turn, will be very annoyed with the Libra woman. He doesn't want everything to always be love, peace, and harmony. He is less likely to compromise and if she presses him to, he becomes harsh in his tone.

The Aries man likes to rub. He wants a partner that he can fight with. The elegant Libra woman is definitely the wrong person for this. He needs to find someone else to ram his horns.


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