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Zodiac Sign Virgo and Zodiac Sign Aries 

Aries & Virgo - Can Love Overcome Any Gap?

The fiery Aries can give the grounded Virgo a run for their money. This can either lead to great love, or cause great incomprehension. In a negative sense, Virgo may find the temperamental Aries too impetuous and extreme. In turn, the Aries sees the Virgo as too passionless. It gets to the point where they step on the brakes while the Aries steps on the gas. It goes without saying that standstill is inevitable with such an approach. Desire quickly turns into frustration, however, the Aries can be the ideal partner to lure the introverted Virgo out of their shell. In a positive sense, they show them whole new possibilities and let the Virgo take off a bit. Meanwhile, the Virgo ensures that the Aries does not lose its footing. 

The Largest Overlap for Unique Things

If they last long enough in a love affair, they can enrichen themselves and explore new horizons together. If the Aries succeeds in dragging the Virgo along and convincing them of themselves, the Virgo will also open up to them emotionally. If not, they will never trust each other enough to enter into a serious partnership.

A business relationship between them works far better. When chaos meets order, reason meets risk, and spontaneity meets consistency, the greatest potential for greatness lies in the overlap. 

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The Virgo Woman and the Aries Man

Under Unfavorable Stars

Many astrologers consider the connection between the Virgo woman and the Aries man to be unfavorable, but we will explain why this is not always the case. Their relationship promises more than meets the eye. 

It's true, the Virgo woman and the Aries man possess fundamentally different qualities. Their view of the world differs significantly from each other. However, it is often overlooked that they are more similar than you might think. The Virgo woman is self-confident and knows what she wants. The Aries man is one of a few who can take on the strong Virgo woman. Emotional sentimentality neither is of importance to her, nor to him, it is more of an obstacle than a sign of true love. 

The Aloof Virgo Woman Goes Into Raptures with Him

The Aries man is not a softy who gets lost in hopeless romance, but rather a man who clearly states his goals and passionately pursues them. This looks very sexy and self-confident to the rather introverted Virgo woman. The aloof Virgo woman can really go into raptures at his approach. 

She is used to being in control in a relationship. But so is the Aries man. That's why he won't tell her what to say, but will make his point clear. He does not back down if someone disagrees with him. The strength that the Aries man radiates is exactly what the Virgo woman values in a potential partner. 

Love and Devotion Bring Heaven to Earth

Certainly, not everything is rosy in a relationship between the Virgo woman and the Aries man. Initial difficulties will occur often enough. However, they are tolerant enough to let themselves live. If they play themselves in over time, they become a prime example of how love and devotion can bring heaven to earth.

The Virgo Man and the Aries Woman

A Relationship with Ups and Downs

Ups and downs, light and shadow, heaven and hell – or just the Virgo man and the Aries woman. These opposing characters represent everything that the other does not value at all. 

Whereas the Virgo man is a stickler for security, rarely takes risks, and generally moves at a snail's pace, sparks fly with the hot-blooded Aries woman. Spontaneously and intuitively, she goes ahead. If she wants something, she acts immediately. All too easily, the Aries woman can overlook the unassuming Virgo man as he tends to stand on the sidelines at parties instead of enrapturing an audience. 

She Sees Him in a Completely New Light

At first, she will underestimate him, but when they strike up a conversation, she quickly realizes who she's dealing with. She will realize that the humble Virgo man is anything but weak. Quite the opposite. The Virgo man is cool, reasonable, independent and extremely attentive. He always knows what is going on around him. Moreover, he radiates a calmness that cannot be put into words. 

He really is at peace with himself. The loyalty he has to himself cannot be overlooked by the Aries woman. He can become the man of her desire faster than expected. She wants a strong, reliable partner, and in a relationship with a Virgo man, she may lower all protections and nestle into his arms. The Virgo man is only too happy to be infected by the passion of the Aries woman. 

A Win-Win Situation

Despite initial difficulties, a rewarding win-win situation can emerge in which both the Aries woman and the Virgo man get what they need, not what they thought they needed. It is definitely worth a try.


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