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Zodiac Sign Leo and Zodiac Sign Taurus 

Taurus & Leo - Love With Obstacles

Both Taurus and Leo enjoy life to the fullest, albeit in a slightly different way: For the Leo, luxury and pleasure are as closely related as the shell is to the egg. Luxury is by no means a foreign word for the Taurus, but it does quite well without it. Its main focus is on watching its bank balance grow. In a relationship, this is where you have to set the course to avoid arguments, because there will be plenty of them.

When Two Stubborn People Meet

Both the earth sign Taurus and the fire sign Leo are incredibly stubborn. Once they have settled on a point of view, they do not deviate from it one bit. This does not only lead to violent and energy-sapping arguments, but also to serious injuries. 

Yet they are by no means distant from each other, but perhaps their similarities only encourage them to quarrel. Tenacious and determined, they go through life, always keeping their goal firmly in mind. 

What initially leads to mutual admiration and affection later turns into traits that only make relationship battles between the two harder and more contested. Over time, Leo and Taurus have to learn that the good of a relationship is more important than being right. After all, there's no shame in giving in and backing down every once in a while.

Despite Everything, There is a Deep Understanding

On the other hand, both can discover true love with each other. They are extremely loyal and consistent. And the mentioned similarities in their nature naturally lead not only to quarrels, but also to deep affection and the feeling of truly understanding each other. Therefore, we advise to be brave enough and give this relationship a chance.

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Leo Man and Taurus Woman

He Awakens Never Imagined Passion in Her

Charming and gallant, the Leo man knows how to impress the Taurus woman. With his polite manners and talent to make everyone feel understood, the Leo can awaken a fire in her, which indeed is an art in itself. The controlled Taurus woman is not known for burning with passion, but this one zodiac sign may very well ignite it in her. In this respect, there definitely is an attraction in sexual terms. If it comes to the next step, the stars are not looking too bad for them either.

Instincts are Needed When it Comes to Finances

The Leo man gives the Taurus woman a feeling of safety and security. The decisive Leo man is brimming with power and strength, and the Taurus woman places high value on her partners, especially in these points. Her top priority is the future and the safety of her family. Therefore, it also always strives to manage its finances in a healthy manner. Best of all, it holds the upper hand when it comes to finances, because the Leo man is sometimes very wasteful with his money. In order to avoid a quarrel, the Taurus woman should give the Leo man a generous allowance.

There Could be More In It

They can argue passionately and with full commitment, and sooner or later, it will come to that, because both are strong in opinion and used to asserting themselves. A cultivated culture of dispute is recommended here, so that the dispute does not lead to serious psychological wounds. Oddly enough, both partners will claim that they have to be the boss in the relationship and lead the other. If they weren't so overwhelmingly stubborn, they would harmonize like no other couple.

Leo Woman and Taurus Man

They Harmonize Like Bees and the Spring

Mutual respect, deep affection and a kindred spirit like no other. Faithfulness and loyalty, coupled with openness and down-to-earthness. There is so much that connects the Leo woman with the Taurus man. She can be excited and inspired in everything she does. His self-contained and positive nature makes her like putty in his hands.

In addition, there also is the self-evident love and closeness to their own families. They both would do everything for the safety and well-being of their loved ones. They swim on the same wavelength. Cozy evenings join with fancy meetings with their friends and acquaintances. 

The Most Beautiful Connection Among the Earth and Fire Signs

With the Taurus man, the Leo woman can be as she is. She feels that she has arrived, that she is safe and at home and she adds spice and excitement that suits their relationship well. With a Leo woman at home, the Taurus man will never get bored. They mutually give each other love and affection.

And when there are heated arguments, usually over trivial matters, the reconciliation is all the more intense. If these are not conditions for true and only love, then there are none. This couple probably gets along best among earth-fire relationships, in part because of their fundamental similarities.

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