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The chinese zodiac sign Monkey

The Monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In a race organised by the Jade Emperor, a wide variety of animal species were able to secure a place in the horoscope. The Chinese zodiac signs follow the traditional lunar calendar, which begins during the Chinese New Year. But now, let's take a look at what Monkey-born people are like!

The Special Characteristics of Monkeys

The Monkey is a very witty and intelligent star sign. Their attractive personality, coupled with curiosity and sophistication, sometimes make Monkey-born people seem a little “naughty”. But they do not have evil intentions at all! With their fun-loving and playful nature, however, they sometimes hurt other people's feelings.

People born in the year of the Monkey are very fast learners and strong opportunists. At the same time, they tend to have many interests and need people around them to drive them. Monkeys are often liked by their fellow humans and described as creative. Still other people often do not trust Monkeys because of their restless and curious nature. 

Nevertheless, Monkeys like new challenges and prefer the interesting city life to the quiet and rural life. 

The Subtle Differences Between Types of Monkeys

As with any other Chinese zodiac sign, Monkey-born people are influenced by the elements of the five-element theory. Here, elements such as Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Earth determine certain properties that cannot be found anywhere else! Find out which type of Monkey you are in this table:

1920, 1980Metal
1932, 1992Water
1956, 2016Wood
1944, 2004Fire
1908, 1986Earth

The Special Character Traits of Monkeys

It is precisely these elements that give Monkey-born people special character traits that are completely different depending on the element. Here, you can find out which element affects your Chinese zodiac sign Monkey and how!

Metal-Monkey: Metal Monkeys combine their mental as well as physical agility with an excellent sense of art and aesthetics. However, their language skills are not to be dismissed either.

In doing so, they understand how to bring complex content to the point in an understandable way. Metal Monkeys are considered to be very creative: however, their creation should preferably not only look beautiful, but also be functional. Despite their self-confident behaviour, they are very educated and place more emphasis on security and order.

Water-Monkey: Water Monkeys combine empathy with methodical thinking, which is why they always radiate a lot of charm and warmth. They can excellently use these qualities in leadership positions and are communicative, eloquent and convincing.

Water Monkeys are considered to be flexible and adaptable people who can adjust to a wide variety of situations with ease.

Fire-Monkey: Monkeys born in the element of Fire are charismatic, witty, kind and also radiate a certain “sexiness”. But that is not all: Their pronounced self-confidence meets a high demand for power, which makes Fire Monkeys particularly well suited for leadership positions.

But even Fire Monkeys have a weak spot: If something goes to their head, they can quickly lose their composure and become almost domineering. This impulsiveness can sometimes cost them success!

Wood-Monkey: Wood Monkeys are real constructors – they like to create ingenious and original solutions and thrive on a good challenge. Wood Monkeys master these things with a veritable bag of tricks. At the same time, they are gifted linguists.

As talented as Wood Monkeys can be, they can come across as unfair and unsympathetic if they don't play their cards right. Yet they often achieve much in life through their intelligence and desire for wealth.

Earth-Monkey: Like other types of Monkeys, Earth Monkey have an alert and focused mind. This spirit is strongly oriented towards productivity, with Earth Monkeys always going about their work logically and systematically.

Unlike the other Monkey types, however, Earth Monkeys are more reserved than other Monkeys. At the same time, they are very popular due to their level-headed and decent nature! They strive for further development and success as well, but are also not averse to social engagement.

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Monkeys in Career

Monkey-borns are generally known as hard workers, and they can adapt to a wide variety of working conditions. Particularly optimal career options for Monkeys include: 

  • Accounting and banking
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Stock trading
  • Air traffic control
  • Trade
  • Film direction
  • Jeweller
  • Sales representative

The Love Life of Monkeys

The Monkey, like every other Chinese zodiac sign, also has optimal partners and rather few optimal combinations. The Rat and the Dragon are a perfect match, for example, as both have similar characteristics to the Monkey and can complement each other.

IdealRat, Dragon
GoodMonkey, Dog, Rabbit, Horse
AverageRooster, Goat, Ox
DifficultTiger, Snake, Pig

Don't worry though, just because a Chinese zodiac sign may not be the ideal partner for you, doesn't mean this has to be the case. Intense and sensual relationships can also develop with Tigers, Goats or Pigs!

The Specifics of the Monkey Woman

Monkey women are natural and witty beings who can easily captivate others with their strong charm and seductiveness. At the same time, they are mentally agile and have a good grasp of things, which makes them perfect businesswomen. 

In a relationship, monkey women are always at the front. If they are disappointed, they shake off the dust for a moment and move on. But when they fall in love, they fall in love for real. Nevertheless, the curious Monkey woman tends to flirt rather non-committally, so that there is enough variety. 

What Makes the Monkey Man so Special?

Monkey men are natural and spontaneous characters who – like Monkey women – captivate others with their charm. But every now and then they also use a pinch of guile to reach their goal.

Monkey men are born strategists. This is made possible above all by mental mobility and an incredibly good grasp of things. Yet these men are incorrigible optimists for whom no challenge is too great.

Women who seem unattainable are particularly interesting for Monkey men. However, he will quickly loose interest in his conquests. That's why he doesn't enter into firm commitments so easily. But when he falls in love, he does so with all his might. 

Strong as a Monkey or Vulnerable? The Health of Monkeys

In order for Monkey-born people to continue to pursue their many interests, they have to remind themselves every now and then to take a break to conserve their strength for the rest of the day. 

In doing so, they want to experience all the flavours and benefits of life. As a rule, Monkeys are very healthy beings, especially because of their active lifestyle. But when Monkeys engage in outdoor activities, they should always keep an eye on their safety. 

Taking regular care of their health not only keeps them physically healthy, but also keeps their sharp minds on its toes.