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The Chinese Zodiac sign Tiger

The Tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac. You could almost make a movie out of the life of a Tiger-born, because a lot of exciting things happen here every day. 

At the same time, this adventurer particularly strives to be able to realise himself and is just bubbling over with feelings. So anyone looking for boredom is in the wrong place with a Tiger. 

The Special Characteristics of the Tiger

It is not only in nature that Tigers are considered particularly strong fighters. The Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger also possesses this quality. Tigers are full of energy and optimistic about every challenge. 

They take risks without batting an eyelid. They tend to disregard well-intentioned advice and do their thing. Tigers like to jump into new projects without much preparation, so they succeed in most of what they set out to do. 

To the outside world, the Tiger’s approach often seems arbitrary, but it achieves its goals nonetheless – according to its very own system. Blending in and following others is not for the Tiger: It prefers to go its own way and lead others. 

The Different Types of Tigers

New Tigers are born every 12 years according to the Chinese zodiac. The special thing about it: The Tiger only has the same element every 60 years. The Chinese five-element teachings assign a different element to each animal in its 12-year period, which results in different types of Tigers. Although all Tigers have the same basic characteristics, special traits result from the combination of the animal with one of the five elements. 

You can see which Tiger you are in the following table:

1950, 2010Metal
1902, 1962Water
1914, 1974Wood
1926, 1986Fire
1938, 1998Earth

The Surprising Differences of Types of Tigers

Now, let us take a closer look at the different combinations and their special characteristics around the Tiger and the elements:

Metal-Tiger: Metal Tigers are considered to be particularly energetic and fast. To achieve their goals, they always take the shortest route. This is also important for them, because they cannot maintain their energy level for too long. Therefore, they are always highly focused in everything they do. 

Tiger-born people achieve what they want in the shortest time possible. In doing so, they place high demands on themselves. Metal Tigers therefore have little understanding for mistakes. You should not expect a Metal Tiger to be patient with you – they would rather take care of the task themselves. By the way: If you are a Metal Tiger, Ludwig van Beethoven, for example, is one of your zodiac siblings. 

Water-Tiger: Water Tigers are particularly known for their strong self-esteem and extremely high learning ability. The combination with Water makes the Tiger a flexible, adaptable person. The Water Tiger can adapt to new situations particularly quickly. 

It often makes decisions based on its gut feeling. Due to its high degree of empathy, it sometimes makes its decisions entirely according to its current mood. The Water Tiger shows a lot of compassion to those around it, which makes it a trusting person. 

Wood-Tiger: The Wood Tiger manages the balancing act of foresight and spontaneous decisions like hardly any other star sign. When the hot temper of the Tiger is Fired with the element of Wood, the desire for adventure and lust for life ignites. 

Thus, the Wood Tiger often makes decisions recklessly, which can therefore get him into trouble. But don't worry: Wood Tigers are highly valued in their environment because of their helpful and tolerant nature. So in an emergency, Wood Tigers are happy to be picked up by their friends. By the way, one of the most successful actors in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio, is a Wood Tiger. 

Fire-Tiger: Now things get wild: Calm and composure are foreign words for the Fire Tiger. At the same time, it is full of strength and passion and throws itself into life – regardless of all the risks. It makes decisions very spontaneously. 

Those around it like to be inspired and carried away by its success. Problems only arise when the Fire Tiger’s high willingness to take risks does not pay off. Then it quickly becomes theatrical and tends to make careless mistakes. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed not to get boring with a Fire Tiger. Speaking of: Known as wild and rebellious, Lady Gaga is a Fire Tiger! 

Earth-Tiger: The element of Earth helps the otherwise energetic Tiger to slow down. At the same time, he presents himself as the tough realist among the Tigers. The Earth Tiger is very warm-hearted, humorous and intelligent. 

Its environment appreciates it especially for the fact that it always follows words with deeds – it pursues its visions with a great sense of reality. When the stamina used then bears fruit, the Earth Tiger feels at its best. 

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The Tiger in Career

Tigers are naturally endowed with the ambition to go through life as the “kings of the animal world”. It also applies to the zodiac sign: The Tiger feels most comfortable in leadership positions. It loves the attention and respect of those around it. 

Particularly suitable occupations for Tigers are, for example:

  • Manager
  • Pilot
  • Actor
  • Musician
  • Air traffic controller
  • Artist

The Tiger in Relationships

Although Tigers are often alone in the wild, this does not tend to apply to the zodiac sign of the Tiger. The right combination of Chinese zodiac signs promises long and intimate relationships. You can see which star signs go particularly well with the Tiger in this overview:

IdealDog, Horse, Pig
AverageRat, Rabbit, Tiger, Goat, Rooster, Ox, Snake

As you can see, there are numerous good relationship prospects for the Tiger. Also bear in mind that combinations that seem rather unsuitable at first glance can lead to an intense and exciting love relationship nevertheless – exceptions prove the rule. 

The Tiger Man

The Tiger man is often envied by those around him for his great self-confidence. He likes to be the centre of attention and achieves this mainly through his passionate and courageous character. 

He does not avoid conflicts and tackles problems quickly. However, he is often unimpressed by rules and therefore gets into trouble in many places. Therefore, even minor slights can make the Tiger man fly off the handle. 

When he’s upset, he likes to get the grief off his chest quickly. As an idealist, the Tiger man values his self-esteem more than material possessions.

The Tiger Woman

Tiger women also like to be the centre of attention. Like her male “conspecifics”, she captivates with her enormous ego and sometimes also has a tendency to overestimate herself. The Tiger woman likes to take the initiative and is thus able to lead an independent and self-reliant life. 

Material security is less important to the Tiger woman than maintaining her self-worth. Tiger women thus have a tendency to spend more money than they actually have. However, she seems to be lucky. Through her wise choice of friends and advisors, she always has some source to help her in an emergency. 

The Health of Tigers

Tigers have a lot of energy and are predestined athletes. Tigers should definitely take advantage of this to stay fit and healthy. However, smaller, less dangerous diseases also occur with the Tiger from time to time: they sometimes catch a cold or have a cough and fever. 

On the whole, however, Tiger-born people are considered very healthy. Caution: Tigers like to do sports without much preparation. This can cause problems in the long run. Therefore, as a Tiger, always warm up sufficiently before sport.