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the chinese zodiac sign Pig

The Pig finished last in a race organised by the Jade Emperor, making it the 12th sign of the zodiac in the Chinese horoscope

In this article, we take a closer look at what exactly the Chinese zodiac sign Pig is all about, what special characteristics Pig-born people bring with them, and what the situation is like in terms of love, career and health. 

The Characteristics of the Pig

Pig-born people are generally known as friendly and outgoing beings. At the same time, they love to take care of other people and to pamper them in their everyday lives. Especially in the circle of friends or family, Pigs really blossom!

Pigs are down-to-earth and natural in life and always have clear goals. They can therefore deal with setbacks quickly and are not easily discouraged: Instead, they tackle their goals consistently and persistently.

But even though Pig-borns often seem very peaceful, they are all the more passionate. They show their feelings openly and directly. But this also often leads them to turn a blind eye to someone they love.

Pigs: Differences in Character Traits

The Chinese horoscope has 12 zodiac signs. But that is not all! Only through the influence of the Chinese five-element teachings do unique character traits emerge, which we will explain to you in more detail:

1911, 1971Metal
1923, 1983Water
1935, 1995Wood
1947, 2007Fire
1959, 2019Earth

The Characteristics of the Pig

The five elements give the Pigs their special character. We will now take a closer look at which element influences your zodiac sign.

Metal-Pig: Metal Pigs are very lucky! They are blessed with happiness and, in combination with their openness, can always get the best out of their lives. 

At the same time, Metal Pigs are extremely proud and passionate. But they are reluctant to display their feelings, therefore, they are often described as charismatic, but also headstrong. Due to the constant happiness in their lives, they do not cope so well with failures, because many of them are bad losers. 

Water-Pig: Unlike other types of Pigs, Water Pigs are very empathetic, diplomatic and full of verve. This is exactly why they are made for solving difficult situations. 

Due to the influence of Water, however, Water Pigs are often in need of communication and can rarely keep their pleasure in check, which often leads to uncontrolled debauchery. 

Wood-Pig: Wood always is a sign of growth and movement – this is why Wood Pigs are true life artists. Their good-natured and kind nature earns them a lot of trust from the environment. Moreover, Wood Pigs have good manners and a lot of decency.

As true organisational talents, they can master even the most difficult situations, which assures them even more popularity than they are already used to! 

Fire-Pig: Through the element of Fire, Pig-born people gain drive, courage and courage. Everything they tackle will turn out well with good faith. This attitude to life is the secret of the success of the Fire Pigs.

In addition, they shine with openness and determination, which is why they are very sensual and highly value the beautiful things in life. When they set their minds on something, they do everything to achieve that goal.

Earth-Pig: Pig-born people can sometimes despair of their blind helpfulness. But this is where the element of Earth comes into play: It helps them to be able to concentrate on the essentials, which is why Earth Pigs always need some routine and structure to be really happy.

The special thing about Earth Pigs: They are hard-working, show pleasure in their work and are always prudent. But unfortunately, passion often comes up short with these Pigs. That is why they depend on harmony. 

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Career Prospects for Pigs

Due to their sense of duty, endurance and strength, Pig-born people are predestined for social or educational professions. Especially their good nature and tolerance play into their hands. The best careers for Pigs are in the following professions:

  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Educator
  • Social pedagogue
  • Social worker

The Love Life of Pigs

Pigs are very demanding when it comes to choosing their partner. That is why they check carefully in advance whether a potential partner or a promising partner would be the right match. Because once Pigs open their hearts, there is no stopping them.

This change of mood is often very irritating for their partner, but once this phase is overcome, Pig-borns are loving and faithful partners who are not sparing with warmth within the relationship! In the following table you can see with which Chinese zodiac signs a promising relationship could develop:

IdealGoat, Rabbit
GoodTiger, Ox, Dragon, Rooster, Dog
AverageRat, Horse, Pig, Monkey

Don't worry, if your partner is not one of to the ideal or good-fitting zodiac signs, this is not a bad sign yet. Even average and critical combinations can lead to a passionate and horizon-expanding relationship!

The Pig Woman

Pig women inspire with their cheerful and loving personality. Yet they are bursting with joy of life, tolerant and dutiful. Despite their dynamic nature, however, Pig women are not too ambitious when it comes to work. 

In love, on the other hand, she gives herself completely to her partner, but also seeks stability, harmony and security. But she never rushes things: She can secretly worship for years without anyone even noticing. 

Due to their high degree of social commitment and tendency towards charity, Pig women are popular fellow human beings, who, however, are not quite serious about order in the household itself. After all, she prefers to invest her energy in the family rather than in the household.

The Pig Man

Good-natured, helpful and gullible: these are the most striking characteristics of Pig men. When a Pig man hears a story, he believes it at first – why should the other person lie?! That is exactly why Pig men are the most honest personalities.

Like the Pig woman, the Pig man is also very interested in social engagement and charitable causes. But he is not the type for revolutionary or ground-breaking ideas.

In a relationship, the Pig man is very sensual and loves with full commitment. Once he has chosen a partner, he shows her off proudly. However, he is only moderately able to hide his feelings.

The Health of Pigs

As connoisseurs of their time, Pig-born people are vital and vigorous. But it is precisely their pleasures that are often their undoing, like eating or drinking too much. They also often have to deal with mood swings.

Cardio is particularly recommended here, as it not only provides more balance physically but also mentally. Once Pigs have overcome their weaker self, it is hard to keep them away from sports.